Hi Da Nang Beach Hostel

“Da Nang? Where’s that?” “You need to go to Da Lat or just go straight to Hue or Hoi An.”

It was my first trip to Vietnam so when I talked to other travelers, Da Nang always seemed to be off everyone’s radar. And that is what attracted me to Da Nang. I wanted to go where everyone else was skipping. So I booked a bus and a hotel to go see Da Nang for myself.

I traveled alone to Da Nang and stayed at Hi Da Nang Beach Hostel since it looked very social. Plus there was mention of a Saturday night BBQ during my search on Booking.com. The accommodation is located just a block away from the beach which is always a big plus for me.


Hi Da Nang Beach Hostel

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Main Area

My flight from Ho Chi Minh City got me to Da Nang to early to check-in. Rose, one of the young women who worked at the hostel greeted me warmly. Although my bed wasn’t ready, she gave me a quick tour of the space while explaining some details about breakfast, tours, and bike rentals.  It was a simple, friendly check-in process.

Hi Da Nang Beach Hostel Common Space

The Room

I stayed in a 6-bed room. The room was large and I didn’t feel cramped at all. Plus everyone really was respectful of each other.

I was on the first floor which also included a lounge area, guitar included. Throughout my three night stay, the staff was always staying on top of making sure the common areas, bathrooms, and rooms were spotless.

You get a decent size locker with a lock and key provided. I was able to fit my backpack in it. Each bed also had a privacy curtain. The room is equipped with air con which can actually get really cold.

On the first floor there are two shared bathrooms. The bathrooms are a bit small. But I’m 6 feet tall.  They’re typical SE Asian showers where the toilet and shower are pretty much on top of each other.

Hi Da Nang Beach Hostel also has single rooms on the upper floors. I originally booked a private room but changed at the last minute because I wanted to be more social. There was also some basic supplies for sale but there are plenty of stores around to get any missing bathroom or beach items you might need.

Amenities and Services

The WiFi was really good. I had to do some work on the day I arrived and had no problems with staying online. I had a Skype call and had no problems with the connection.

There is a full kitchen with a microwave and an oven on the second floor. Hi Da Nang Beach Hostel does offer breakfast. But you have to make sure you order it the night before. There were several choices for breakfast including  Bánh mì which I’m not a fan of because of the bread. What I couldn’t get enough of were Da Nang’s famous Mi Quang Noodles.

Hi Da Nang Beach Hostel has free bicycles you can use. They’re pretty basic but good enough to explore the immediate area. You can also rent a motorbike from the staff for about 180,000 Vietnamese Dong (about $8/day).  Do yourself a favor and definitely and rent a bike and go explore Son Tra Penisula. There’s also laundry, dry cleaning, and an ironing service.

Nearby Attractions

Da Nang has a lot to offer. They city much like everywhere I went in Vietnam is in the midst of a lot of tourism development. Construction cranes pop up all along the beachfront road and new buildings change the city’s skyline on  a daily basis.

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The Atmosphere

Communal dinner Hi Da Nang Beach

The atmosphere at Hi Da Nang Beach was incredible. There was a diverse group of people staying at the hostel from different countries and a range of ages.

I didn’t make it to the Saturday BBQ but there was a really nice Korean guy who made a traditional Korean dinner for everyone. A Japanese guy also cooked some original recipes from his hometome.

The communal dinner really made my experience staying in a hostel quite magical. I’m sure this is the appeal. Meeting people from around the world who are just as interested in you as you are of them. I even met someone from a city closest to my own. It was a suprise as we started to name off places from home we both knew.

Wonderful, helpul, and Friendl staff at Hi Da Nang Beach

I definitely recommend Hi Da Nang Beach. The staff like Hue and David in the picture above are some of the friendliest Vietnamese people I met during my travels. Every time I returned they always asked how my day was and if there was anything I needed. They always were genuinely interested in my day and the places I visited. They take pride in both their accommodation and for their love of Da Nang.

Planning a trip to Da Nang? Book your stay with Hi Da Nang Beach on Booking.com.

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