Today is World Kindness Day. It was started in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement to recognize and share stories of acts of kindness all around the world from Japan to Canada. It is a day to be mindful and intentional about how we treat people and to remember being kind to others is something we need to strive to do everyday, even when some of those days seem dark.  Also important is to remember to be kind to ourselves.

5 Ways to Be Kind Today (and everyday)

1. Commit at least three random acts of kindness today.
Give compliments that are genuine, smile at strangers, let that one person merge into traffic with a smile and a wave. Give up your seat on a crowded train or bus. There are plenty of simple acts that can brighten the day of those we come into contact.

2. Everyone needs to be hugged. So today give extra long hugs.
Take a few extra moments to hug your parents, siblings, and friends. The act of connecting with someone through a long embrace will do wonders.

3. Write a letter to yourself and read it out loud.

We are often our own biggest critics. Take some time to let go of any negative thoughts or self-doubt. Instead replace them with words of encouragement and appreciation. Write a short (or long) letter to yourself highlighting the things you are grateful about in your life. Read it out loud to yourself, in front of a mirror.

4. Say thank you.

Take the time to thank people who are typically underappreciated, like your grocery store clerk, custodians in your offices, nursing assistants, and any other workers you encounter on a daily basis. Take a moment to thoughtfully express how much you appreciate the hard work of others.

5. Share kindness on your social media.
#WorldKindnessDay is real. Share quotes and inspiring pictures on your social media today and spread the love. The world needs it!

Need some other easy ideas to spread kindness and love today?

Bring Kindness into Your Daily Life

I’m wishing for you right now to have an incredible day today. Wherever you are, spread happiness and kindness to those you come into contact. We all can start with a simple smile to a stranger or by sending a message of love to friends and family.

How will you celebrate World Kindness Day? Share your stories and ideas in the comments.

Happy World Kindess Day.