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Who Loves a Good Book?


This page is dedicated to some of my favorite books to read.

Whether you're lounging on some secluded beach, back home, or waiting to board your next bus, train, or flight check out this list of good reads. Some are travel book reviews, some are travel related books, and others are just a good story. I'll be including some favorites from other bloggers on here as well.

If you have a favorite book tell me in the comments. If you have read any of the books listed, what did you think (good or bad). 

This page contains affiliate links or banners from There are no extra costs to you so if you purchase a book through the link provided, I may receive an affiliate commission. It just means that I earn a small commission which in turn will help sustain The Kindred Traveler. These are all books I have read on my own or suggested by other bloggers. The list does not include any requests from publishers.




The Kindred Traveler's travel book reviews and list of nontravel related good reads.

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